ISIS-Fish is a complex fishery simulator. It is entirely written in Java. In the second version, ECMAScript was used as the scripting language, since version 3, Java is used directly. This provides syntax verification, color coding and identification of lines with errors.

To use ISIS-Fish, Java must be installed on your computer. To use all ISIS-Fish features R is also required.


  • Embedded database
  • Creating as many fishing areas and populations as required
  • Scripting language for creating rules
  • Scripting language for modifying the simulation process
  • Running multiple simulations, modifying one or more simulation parameters
  • Running simulations on other computers (supercomputer for example),
  • Spatial (on a map) or temporal (graph) presentation of results
  • Publishing simulation results on a server
  • Publishing results for a region on a server

ISIS-Fish video

Download video : ifremerengv2.mp4 (French version : ifremerv7.mp4).


This project was initiated and financed by Ifremer. The system was analyzed and created by: