Migration from V3 to V4

One of the side effects of the changes between V3 and V4 is that the data model has been changed and so V3 databases cannot be migrated to V4 automatically. Manual intervention is required.

Major changes

Date renamed as TimeStep

The IsisFish Date class conflicted with the standard Java Date class and has been renamed TimeStep. The new TimeStep class has the same content and behavior as the old Date class.

AnalyzePlan renamed as SimulationPlan

To avoid confusion between analysis plans and sensitivity analysis plans, analysis plans are now called simulation plans and so the AnalyzePlan interface has been renamed SimulationPlan. SensitivityCalulator has been renamed as SensitivityAnalysis.

Maturity groups removed

Maturity groups, which were defined as groups within a population, have been removed and replaced by a “Maturity ogive” equation.

Reproduction rate moved

The reproduction rate field for a population group has been removed and replaced by an equation for the whole population.

Database migration

Fisheries can be migrated from V3 to V4 by exporting them from ISIS-Fish V3 and importing them into ISIS-Fish V4 (V3 and V4 can be executed at the same time).

When importing, a warning pop-up asks you to confirm the operation.

If there are any equations that fail to compile during the import, the import assistant pops up the equation editor for manual correction.

For example, the following equation uses the obsolete Date class which should be changed to TimeStep.

User script migration

Subdirectories with user scripts in the isis-database-3 directory must be copied to the isis-fish-4/isis-community-database directory.

Restart ISIS-Fish and select the Scripts window. The scripts that have been copied should appear in the Community VCS branch of the script tree.

The menu Code / Check all scripts can then be used to recompile all the scripts to check for errors.

Typical errors are :

cannot find symbol: class Date

Replace Date by TimeStep

cannot find symbol: class AnalyzePlanIndependent

Replace AnalyzePlanIndependent by SimulationPlanIndependent

cannot find symbol: class AnalyzePlan

Replace AnalyzePlan by SimulationPlan

warning: [deprecation] getMonth() in java.util.Date has been deprecated

Will disappear when Date is replaced by TimeStep

cannot find symbol: method next()

Will disappear when Date is replaced by TimeStep

cannot find symbol: method setReproductionRate(double)

ReproductionRate is now an equation associated with a population

cannot find symbol: method setMaturityGroup(PopulationGroup)

This method has been removed from PopulationGroup as the maturity is now defined by a “Maturity ogive” equation for the whole population

N.B. The obsolete package declarations “package analyzeplan;” and “package sensitivitycalculator;” for simulation plans and sensitivity analyses do not raise compilation errors so be sure to change them.

Rule migration

Rules that manipulated the maturity group or reproduction rate parameters will need to be updated as these parameters are now equations associated with the population and not population groups.

The values of these parameters can still be recovered using a group object, e.g. group.getMaturityOgive();

However, the population must be used to set a value, e.g. pop.setMaturityOgiveEquation(equation);